Want to know how to close the lever

 From:  BurrMan
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Hey thats it! Thats much better than the logitudinal thing for me. I get that. One quick question on this to finish. I guess in the past I also was trying to "connect" everything and then "trim" them at the intersection points to make it work. I must have misinterpreted something I saw here in the forum regarding "One particualr case with a curve set. But recently, I have seen the curves from say the Ship hull, where they werent even touching! So kindof baffled me but also prompted me to rethink/look at it.

So, can the 2 diractional curves be "Closed" and "Not interesecting"?. Kindof like the "Loft in 2 directions I think I just heard you say? The ship hull had waterline "closed loops" with the open curve stations. Seems it can be this combo, both closed or neither closed?

Dont spend to big a production on the explanation. The UV thing may have staightened me out. I'll invest some time in network and see if I can incorporate that toolset!

Thanks again.