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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, re: Network - yeah it can take some getting used to since you cannot have just a big pile of curves they have to be arranged into a kind of grid-like layout.

But if you have things set up to do CSec, Loft, or Sweep, you will also be having the same kind of 2-directional layout for those things already as well. So it may not be very far away from what you are already doing...

Another way to think of it aside from "latitude & longitude" lines is to think more about the final result surface.

You're probably getting more used to seeing how a NURBS surface works where the surface is made up of a grid of control points, right?

So when you have that grid of control points there are 2 directions associated with the grid, called the U and V directions. To use the Network command, you need to have 2 sets of curves in the network, one set will become the U curves of the result surface and the other will become the V curves. So you basically need the curves arranged similar to how the surface control point grid of the final result surface will be if that helps explain it in a different way...

- Michael