MOI import DWG??

 From:  Michael Gibson
3085.2 In reply to 3085.1 
Hi qibentie, I do want to make some progress in the future on adding some additional file formats.

I'm not entirely sure about DWG though - it is kind of a difficult format to work with since there is not any public specification available for it.

DXF is probably a better possibility, and DXF can contain all the same stuff as a DWG file.

MoI also supports reading curves or lines in from IGES, SAT, and STEP formats as well, which are used by several other kinds of CAD programs but unfortunately not AutoCAD. AutoCAD used to have an igesout command a long time ago but they removed it at some point. And it looks like they support SAT format, but for some reason only allow writing solids to and not any lines or curves, I have no idea why...

Currently one good way to bring stuff over from AutoCAD into MoI is to use Rhino as the translator, since Rhino can read DWG and then save to 3DM.

- Michael