MOI exprot to 3DMAX error

 From:  Michael Gibson
3080.3 In reply to 3080.1 
Hi qibentie, a couple of things you can try:

- When exporting from MoI in OBJ format, set the Export: option to Export: Quads & Triangles instead of Export:N-gons. Some programs do not deal with complex n-gons very well and can make messy results when attempting to triangulate them.

- When exporting from MoI try unchecking the "Weld vertices along edges" option, some programs also have difficulty reading in OBJ files that are welded.

- Also when using MoI v2, try using the FBX export for going into 3DS Max rather than OBJ or 3DS. 3DS is generally good to avoid since it is a very old format (it comes from the ancient MS-DOS version of 3D Studio way before 3DS Max) and has many limitations in it.

Also when using FBX make sure you install the latest FBX import plugin for Max, the default shipped ones for several Max versions are buggy. You can get updated FBX importers from here:

FBX is what I would recommend trying first actually.

Please let me know if none of that helps.

- Michael