Some Basic Questions about MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Devrim, thanks for your interest in MoI!

As Pilou mentioned, none of these are available in MoI right now.

You have to use MoI in conjunction with other programs to do the whole job right now - you can create your geometry inside of MoI, then export it to some other program to complete the illustration. At the moment, probably Rhino is the best choice for the finishing software, since the data goes over to Rhino most easily. It won't be too long before MoI will export to Adobe Illustrator format, which will then open up some more choices for the illustration finishing part - this is probably a few betas away.

I do expect for MoI to have all of these features that you are mentioning here, but it will probably be more like the V2 release. The V1 release is more narrowly focused just on creating geometry.

- Michael