not intersect but

 From:  Michael Gibson
3063.2 In reply to 3063.1 
Hi andras,

> Just a litle issue about display view:
> The sheets are situated relative above to each other. the 3d
> view is 100% Ok but the TOPview looks like this.

I guess I'm not sure what the problem is exactly, is it that you see some edges that should actually be hidden?

That's a display artifact that will be a normal thing that will happen when things are positioned in very close slices next to one another.

When MoI draws the curves, it has to pull them forward towards the eyepoint slightly, so that a curve that is being drawn does not get hidden by its own surface that it is a trim edge on.

Because it is pulled forward slightly for depth testing, you can sometimes get this effect where edges from a surface behind another one are also pulled forward to display on top.

It's a normal consequence from the way the display works. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot that I can do to fix it without causing problems with the edge display on normal objects.

So that is just a display problem that you need to ignore.

- Michael