From:  JPBWEB
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What you see as irregular surfaces might just be an artifact of MoI's render engine, which is great for what it does, but occasionally cannot represent properly some surfaces. You would need to check your geometry with dedicated analysis tools that are not in Moi's current version, but can be found in Rhino among others: Environment Map and Zebra are the two I use all the time to spot kinks and other nasty problems with continuity, fairness and the like.

Do you have access to Rhino? I think that even the demo version will enable you to use these tools. All you need to do is copy your hull and paste it into Rhino. You will not be able to the the reverse, though, unless you have a registered copy of Rhino.

There might be freeware/shareware software that has similar tools.

Anyhow, kudos on your progress with Yarra. You are a quick builder.