From:  Mark Brown (MABROWN)
Hi Everyone,

I have started work on my second MoI ship, the Grimsby Class sloop HMAS Yarra II. As escort for a WW2 convoy, Yarra, mounting 3 x 4 inch guns, engaged 3 Japanese heavy cruisers, each mounting 10 x 8 inch guns. It is a story which equals that of HMS Jervis Bay for courage if not for success:

Armed with some recently gained knowledge, I will be building this hull quite differently from the last one. I had not realised that network would be able to work quite the way it does before reading Jean-Paul's post here:

This model presents a challenge because I don't have a complete plan for it. I have good profile and plan views for Yarra but no curves. I have found some hull curves on the web for a Halcyon Class minesweeper which has the same hull form in miniature but even then I don't have any key to position the stations. What I have done is guess. The experimental results look promising using just top & keel rails and a selection of stations.

In the second screen shot you can see that I haven't even bothered to line up the stations with the top rail and the network still came out nicely.


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