First Product Shot Test - The TMIP

 From:  OSTexo

I finished up the first enclosure test of the QSG. The only thing left to build is the remainder of the power adapter and to assemble instructions. I added some color for this shot, most will be black and white or solid grayscale. Cleanup and color in Corel right from MoI. I can't take credit for the basic shell, that was a STEP file that was provided by the manufacturer. However all details and holes needed to be added since the enclosure was existing but not suitable for the guts of the product, but that info wasn't included in the file, so out came the calipers. I also had to get this into one surface which took me quite a while but MoI worked well. Everything else modeled my me such as the SMA connectors (they are very detailed even though you can't see it in this shot), I tried to do the enclosure from scratch and 2D data but it just crushed me after ~8 hours. Maybe in a few hundred years I'll be able to create shells like this using MoI. I'll badge everything once it is approved by the manufacturer.

MG, you already have my business for v3 hidden line removal, then I can practice more in MoI and leave the app to cleanup. I did notice MoI didn't add lines correctly at the top of the model in this shot, ex. between the two SMA connectors they were absent so I added them in manually. More detail shots soon. Comments? Thanks.