MoI in an engineering environment?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mark, well MoI is focused on producing 3D models only right now, not on producing 2D drawings which is often what would be associated with that term "drafting" that you used.

So you wouldn't use MoI all by itself if you needed to produce 2D drafting output, you would need to use MoI in combination with another program for that.

The part that is nice about MoI is that it is just sooooo much easier to use than the typical engineering oriented program. You can get simple things done really quickly and it does not really take a long investment in going to training classes, etc... in order to be able to make stuff with it.

The models that you create in MoI are compatible with other engineering programs, you can export solids to various CAD formats like 3DM & IGES (and for MoI v2 also SAT and STEP formats), which let you bring your model data over to a different program like SolidWorks for example or whatever.

So MoI is something that you would use in combination with other tools for the kind of situation that you are talking about.

It fits in especially well early in the process when you may want to just draw some simple things really quickly.

Another thing that engineering offices use MoI for frequently is actually to bring data out of engineering programs and move them into rendering programs. MoI's polygon mesh generation is the best one currently available in the entire CAD industry, so that is another way that it is used.

- Michael