Capping extrusions, wireframe visibility

 From:  Michael Gibson
3048.2 In reply to 3048.1 
Hi Mark,

> is there a way to get it to cap just one end instead just both or neither,

Nope, there's just a simple checkbox for the "Cap ends" option, so it's either both or neither for that one.

> Once it's extruded without caps is there a way to then cap one end,

Yep, you can select the edges along the end you want to cap, and then run Construct / Planar to build a planar surface through them, then use Edit / Join to join the new plane cap with the main body.

> Once it's extruded with caps is there a way to remove one
> of the caps?

Yep, this is probably easiest - you just select the face you want to remove (by drilling down, that is when you click a second time on a solid) and hit Delete to remove it.

> I there a way to change the display from ghosting to
> wireframe and back on the fly? When ghosting, is there
> a way to make the hidden lines show up better, be more visible?

What do you mean by "Ghost" - do you mean hiding or locking objects?

There is an option in moi.ini for adjusting the opacity of hidden lines, that is under:

[Hidden lines]

You can edit that to a value between 0 and 255, with 0 being totally transparent, and 255 being totally opaque.

But that will change it for everything, not just in one circumstance.

- Michael