make a gear a solid

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Dave, could you please also post a 3DM model file with the curves in it that you are lofting?

That would help because I could then take a closer look at the actual geometry. It is hard to really examine things properly just from a screenshot only.

Usually if you don't get caps on something it means that the curve is not closed or is not planar.

It looks like the method you're using should be fine, but possibly a more controllable way would be to use extrude and then some control point manipulation.

To do that, do an extrusion but turn "Cap ends" off so that your extrusion only has the side wall parts and not the end caps on it.

With that object you can then select it and turn on surface control points by Edit / Show pts. Then select the top set of control points from the side view, and then switch to the Top view and rotate them. That will introduce a twist to the extruded part, and then you can select it and run Construct / Planar to cap the ends off.

The reason why you don't want to have the caps initially is that a cap is a trimmed surface and you can only show control points for joined surfaces if they are all untrimmed where they join each other. See here for some more description on this:

Let me know if you would like some more details on this Extrude + point manipulation method.

- Michael