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 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
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Hi Michael ...

Yes, when I noted that Rhino was confused I was referring to it wanting to convert and correct scale.

When I was using MoI for some modeling but using Rhino for most other things I would simply let Rhino convert inserts when asked.

But this time when I was trying to use MoI for almost everything except dimensioning and notes I found that it was easiest, it seemed, to just use inches and tell Rhino to display dimensions in feet and inches. But I often wanted to enter feet and inches in MoI rather than converting to inches in my head for a lot of stuff and that's when I noticed that it is slightly awkward.

Decimal feet doesn't work for much except US surveyor's units ... all Canadian survey data in metric and it is only the building trades sticking with the old imperial units ... plywood sheets are the basic building module and are still 4'x8' ... which fixes things to imperial (with soft conversion to metric when the specs call for metric dimensioning). It is a nutty system that should have been abandoned years ago.

I'll play with this over the weekend if I have a chance so I can be clearer about how I would like it to work for me.