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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Eric, well it looks like there is not 100% agreement in different apps for whether "feet & inches" mean 1 unit = 1 inch, or whether it means 1 unit = 1 foot.

In ViaCAD / Vellum it works like MoI where there is a "Feet & inches" option in the units list and if set when you type in just plain 1 it means 1 foot.

But it looks like there are more things where it is based on inches.

I guess I may need to break this out into a separate setting more like Rhino, so that you can have the main units set to either "Feet" or "Inches", and then have an option for enabling combined feet&inches 8' 2" type display with either one.

I'm amazed that this has not come up until now in the v2 beta period. There must not be very many people using feet & inches in MoI v2 currently.

- Michael