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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Eric, I just double checked how the feet & inches is supposed to work.

In Rhino, the way it works is there are actually 2 different settings that you need to set, you set Model units: Feet and then Distance display: Feet & inches.

With those 2 settings in combination then things like coordinates will display with the ' and " marks, like 2' 3".

In MoI there is just one place to set this, under Unit system. If in MoI you set Unit system: feet, that means decimal feet and if you set Unit system: feet & inches, that means foot & inch combined display like 8' 2", etc...

But these settings do seem to transfer back and forth between Rhino and MoI ok - when you export from MoI, if you have set Units: Feet & Inches, it should set those 2 values in Rhino (Model units:Feet and Distance display:Feet & inches).

> and seemed to get confused when I had MoI set for feet and inches ...

Could you describe a bit more about what kind of confusion was happening?

If you had your units set in Rhino to inches rather than feet, then there would possibly be some kind of unit conversion / scaling happening when you are importing things over, because when you set Units: Feet & Inches in MoI that means that the primary units for the file is actually Feet.

That would mean in MoI 1 unit = 1 foot , while in Rhino 1 unit = 1 inch.

- Michael