number pad

 From:  Michael Gibson
3039.2 In reply to 3039.1 
Hi Eric,

> For dinosaurs who still use imperial units it would be great
> if the numeric pad had ' and " buttons.

You mean the panel that pops up when you click in a field?

That panel actually does already have ' and " buttons in it though, see here:

But they only show up if you have set your unit type to Feet & Inches under Options > General > Unit system.

Do you possibly have it set to just plain "Feet" instead of "Feet & Inches"?

Is this setting is not being translated properly back and forth to Rhino?

> The typed entry goes into the width box.

Yeah if you just type in something without clicking, your input will go into the first available field.

But you can push Tab if you want to step through the fields to get to a different one without needing to click.

So for example if you want to type in a Height value when drawing a rectangle, push Tab twice and then type in your number.

- Michael