Wish: Current layer more visible

 From:  Nick (BODINI)
3030.6 In reply to 3030.5 
I guess what I find frustrating is that the color swatch is the indicator of which style is current... but I personally dont care what the color is, I'm concerned about the style's name/title. So when my eye hits the browser box, I have to find the box around the color swatch, then read the name/title. I know it sounds trivial, but after doing this 1000's of times, it gets old. I suppose my concern for the style name/title comes from years of Autocad use... most for ISO9001 firms (they are REALLY concerned about the layer names).

So what I'm saying is that I wish the first thing my eye was drawn to is the name/title, which is why I still think bold maye be a good choice.

Ok, now I'm done. ;-) :-)