Wish: Current layer more visible

 From:  Michael Gibson
3030.14 In reply to 3030.13 
Hi Burr,

> What about a swatch that appears in the MoI button on top.

The problem with that is that it is not uncommon for people to be interested in the name of the style in addition to the color.

The swatch just shows the color, so for that case of someone wanting the name, it is just not enough information.

I've thought some before about putting in a control similar to the style picker in the property panel here:

So notice there that there is a line that has the swatch and style name, and when you click on it it pops out with a list to pick from? That one (which works now) is to be able to see the style of the currently selected object.

I was originally going to put up a similar line as that in that same area for the active/current style.

But some problems with that - it seems to be confusing to have 2 similar lines like that, so it would probably only be able to be shown when there was no selection so that the properties panel was not showing there. That's kind of awkward that you can't see it in all circumstances.

Also it seemed to be less efficient - to set it you need to click on it to open up the menu and then look for the style that you want. The scene browser is more convenient since you can have it basically open already so you just go more directly to the one that you want and click on it rather than having to pop up a dropdown menu. So once I got it working the scene browser, I pretty much gave up on trying to put it in that upper area there.

If you are interested in working with styles a bunch, I more or less assume that you're going to be working with the scene browser quite a bit and that you will be looking at it and interacting with it frequently.

- Michael