Wish: Current layer more visible

 From:  Michael Gibson
3030.10 In reply to 3030.6 
Hi Nick, you wrote:

> I suppose my concern for the style name/title
> comes from years of Autocad use...

I'm not sure if I understand this part though, because it does not seem like the AutoCAD layer dialog makes any kind of special highlight on the current layer's row, or bold the name?

I took a quick look at AutoCAD 2008 and over here its layer dialog looks like this:

So notice there that in the list of all layers, there is just a checkbox to show which one is the current one, no bolding and the "line item highlighting" is used for a completely different purpose, for a kind of dialog-specific selection state for which layer or layers will be affected by operations like delete.

I'm worried that making a kind of "line item highlight" in MoI like you show would be confused with that kind of a "selection of list item" system.

I guess in AutoCAD there is also a separate control from the layer list that shows the current layer and allows you to change it by clicking on that to get a dropdown. Is that something that helped you in AutoCAD? I'm not so sure about dedicating additional screen space to that in MoI though, since it is redundant with the scene browser ring highlight.

I could probably put in some kind of additional highlight that would not be on by default but that you could turn on by editing moi.ini .

- Michael