additional selection methods

 From:  Michael Gibson
3029.7 In reply to 3029.1 
Hi macray, yes I do want to add in some additional selection methods in the future like some kind of "chain edges" option.

I'm not sure exactly when that will happen, hopefully sometime in v3.

That's probably a bit too complex to do with a simple script currently.

But like Petr mentioned you can do a window select to target edges after selecting at least one of them first, that can often help a lot.

The other thing is that in some circumstances you can select faces instead as a shortcut rather than selecting edges. Like for example with Fillet instead of selecting edges you can select faces and all the edges that belong to that face will be targeted for filleting.

You wrote:
> if I extruded a gear outline to produce a gear - then I
> want to round/chamfer the edges and have to click on
> every edge all the way around

That one is actually a really good example of where you can use a face selection instead.

So if you have this shape:

If you want to fillet all the top edges, instead of selecting all the edges you can actually instead select the top face like this:

Now when you run Fillet, it will target all the edges that belong to that face for this result:

Also though in this gear example like you mention, window select from the Front or Right side views can also be a good shortcut for grabbing all the edges pretty quickly rather than clicking on every single one individually.

You can also just select a whole object as input to the Fillet command, and that will fillet all of its edges, you don't have to select individual edges for that either.

- Michael