additional selection methods

 From:  BurrMan
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Hi Macray,
Thanks, this morning I used unexplode and seem to be back to normal now...

As peter said, the selection mechanism can have a "types picked" kindof method applied to it. So like the way you do a "drill down" to select an edge (select obeject, then second pick to pick just the edge) when you are in drill down mode, the selection window will pick only those objects. You can use a couple of methods to acheive fairly precise picking, like remember that doing a window drag from the right to the left is like saying, "Pick everything that even intersects into the pick window" and then a normal window drag picks "only objects that are completly in the pick window. This alond with cntrl+shift click to disable object picking to do a window drag in the midst of other objects can pretty much pick anything you need.