Imprint Solid?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3024.7 In reply to 3024.6 
Hi Mark,

> Have found that uncapped ends cap nicely using network.

You probably had a particular arrangement of curves for that, like a 4-sided boundary?

> Would it be possible to have a check box for extrude which
> tries network automatically for non-planar extrudes?

Unfortunately that would not work in the general cases, it would only work if you had a 3 or 4-sided boundary. For example if you had an outline made up of 5 curve segments it would not be able to be handled automatically by Network.

> Also, extrusions which are made up from more than one
> surface create internal extruded surfaces (in fact "stacked"
> surfaces for shared edges). Would it be possible for extrude
> to recognise joined surfaces as one surface when doing
> extrude (ideal) or to automatically delete internal extrusions?

Yeah, I think this makes sense - I have put it on my list of things to try for v3.

For now you can run Boolean Union on the result with the shared internal wall, it should fuse those pieces together and remove that part.

> Do you have any plans for extrude?

Yup, I have a few different ideas - I'd like to make it easier for an extrusion to be automatically booleaned with an existing solid, like when you are extruding curves that are on an existing object, and also I'd like to have a tapered option for extrude.

- Michael