Imprint Solid?

 From:  Mark Brown (MABROWN)
3024.6 In reply to 3024.3 
Hi Michael,

>Hi OSTexo - you're not getting caps on the extrusion
>because your curves there are not planar - MoI only
>knows how to automatically cap something if it is
>closed and planar.

Have come across this one a bit doing my ship. Have found that uncapped ends cap nicely using network. Would it be possible to have a check box for extrude which tries network automatically for non-planar extrudes?

Also, extrusions which are made up from more than one surface create internal extruded surfaces (in fact "stacked" surfaces for shared edges). Would it be possible for extrude to recognise joined surfaces as one surface when doing extrude (ideal) or to automatically delete internal extrusions?

Do you have any plans for extrude?