.SAT question

 From:  Michael Gibson
3023.2 In reply to 3023.1 
Hi neo, those SAT version numbers are a bit tricky.

From what I understand, there is not automatically any difference between say an SAT "version 8" file and a SAT "version 10" file - it is possible for both of those files to contain the exact same stuff in them if they use the same kinds of entities.

The version number in SAT is basically written by the ACIS geometry library (where SAT originates from) to write out the current ACIS library version number that was used to save the file.

MoI writes the version number as 5.0 , it only writes a few of the most common kinds of entities that have been included in the ACIS kernel for a long time so there shouldn't be much to worry about for version number compatibility.

For import, MoI should be able to read standard brep objects from the SAT file that are made up of spline-surfaces, loops, faces, etc, regardless of what the specific file version number is. If there are any kinds of special entities in the file that are not regular NURBS solids or curves, those would just be skipped.

So what I'm saying is, that it is not very much about the specific version number of the SAT file, and more about what kinds of entities are actually in the file.

- Michael