From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mark, no MoI does not currently have any direct printing capability in it.

That is something that I do want to add in the future but right now MoI is much more focused on producing 3D model output and not printed page output.

A couple of options:

If you want just a very basic printout of what is on the screen, you can do that by pushing the "PrintScreen" button on your keyboard which is a Windows function that takes a snapshot of the screen and places it as a bitmap into the clipboard. Then you can paste into an image editing program (Windows paintbrush will do if you don't have anything else) and print from there.

But a lot of times people who want to print CAD data want to put things like dimensions and annotations on the drawing. For that you'll need to import your data into another program that has those functions. ViaCAD ( is an inexpensive program for doing this.

- Michael