something not good

 From:  Michael Gibson
3011.9 In reply to 3011.1 
Hi andras, yes you get edges in separate pieces in that case because your cutting curve is not just one single piece, it is actually a curve made up of 2 segments.

If you select that cutting curve and run Edit/Separate on it, you can then select the segments individually to see that.

So for example after running Edit/Separate you can see this:

I think that Burr has got a good solution for you above - use the new Merge command in v2 (which you need to either type in or set up on a keyboard shortcut to run it). You can either select the whole object, or just those 2 edges (hide the original cutting curve to get it out of the way) and then when you run Merge it will fuse those 2 edges together into one single longer edge.

Please let me know if that still does not solve your problem.

- Michael