Fixed color for curve creation ?

 From:  PaQ
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>> Hi PaQ, why not just use a style that shows up better for the curve rather than using a style that does not work well?

I like to assign colors while modeling, it helps me a lot to visualise stuffs. So off course I could switch to the black style every time I add a curve, but it's an extra step I would like to avoid, if it's possible.

I do not like the default black style, because I'm using a custom lighting setup (you know, the subtil metalic one), and it burns the pure white surface a little bit, so my default style color is a light grey (220.220.220)

>> But I'll take a look at adding in an option to moi.ini for a "CurveColorMode" similar to the ones for Surfaces and Edges.

Thanks a million :)