Rhino line types

 From:  Michael Gibson
3004.4 In reply to 3004.1 
Hi Eric,

> Is this likely to happen before ver 2 is released?

No, unfortunately I won't be able to make this one happen for MoI v2, it will not be until MoI v3 that this happens.

I did investigate it to see if I could do it for v2.

The problem is that linetypes were a new function added in to Rhino v4.

MoI currently uses the OpenNURBS v3 toolkit, and I cannot make the linetypes round trip back to a Rhino file with this toolkit version, I need to update to the OpenNURBS v4 toolkit in order to do that.

That's too major of a change to try and incorporate right at the end of the MoI v2 beta cycle. It's just too likely to introduce a bug making a major library switch like that so close to release time.

Once MoI v3 gets underway, then that will be a good time to switch to a newer OpenNURBS toolkit version and at that point it should be possible for me to preserve linetypes when round-tripping files.

Sorry for the difficulties until then.

- Michael