Rhino line types

 From:  Michael Gibson
3004.20 In reply to 3004.18 
Hi Eric, a couple of notes -

If you Right-click on the Open button instead of left click it, that will do an "Open Template" rather than a regular open.

The difference is that "Open Template" does not set the current file name in MoI so it is not so easy to accidentally overwrite the file that you open.

There's also another option related to this which you can set in moi.ini (use Options / General / Edit .ini file button).


If you switch that to =y, then for the regular Open there will be an "Open as read-only" checkbox at the bottom of it which you can check to turn on. When that option is checked on the file dialog, it will also prevent Save from automatically writing to the current file name and instead prompt you for a name like "Save As".

So either of those methods can help to prevent Save from overwriting the current file if you want to guard against that.

Also I think that Copy from MoI and Paste into Rhino should end up working as the equivalent of Export / Import, so that is possibly another way to move your objects back without disturbing the line types and also not overwriting any files.

- Michael