Rhino line types

 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
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Hi again, Michael ...

I have been doing a little more playing with the MoI / Rhino interchange attempting to move 'styles' back and forth ... particularly linetypes.

Using Rhino 5:

If I carefully set up a template in Rhino with everything I think I will eventually need ... linetypes, layer colors, lineweights, etc ... and then open the template in MoI I can

Prepare a two or three dimensional drawing using those preset styles and then 'export' this drawing to a file (don't 'save' it ever) ..

Then I can open the original template in Rhino 5 and 'import' the drawing prepared in MoI ... all my linetypes, colors, and lineweights are there ... alive and well ... ready for dimensions and notes and the assignment of render materials.

I have had all the advantages of the easy modeling MoI is capable of and the other stuff I need from Rhino, too.

One other small caution ... 'insert' brings the MoI drawing in, too ... and it looks o.k. for color and linetypes and stuff but it is all on the same layer it was inserted into ... a real mess.
Also do not open the MoI 'export' directly with Rhino 5 ... it does not automatically bring the information with it.

As I said in the last post I hope to use MoI for a set of architectural working drawings soon ... implementing with dimensions and notes with Rhino.

I'll let you know if the workflow functions for me.