Rhino line types

 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
3004.13 In reply to 3004.11 
Hi Michael ..

Yes, as long as I set up Rhino with the same layer names as MoI styles and set the linetypes I want in Rhino then 'import' works great and all the display and print functions perform the way I expect them to. I use Rhino 5 beta now and it works one way like a charm.

The other aspects of styles that you set up are great ... I am enjoying learning the routines.

I am soon going to start my first set of architectural working drawings in MoI ... while you have not set up MoI for this purpose yet I think I can get the translation back to Rhino for dimensions and notes. It will be an interesting challenge.

thanks again for your good work and your superb support.