Rhino line types

 From:  Michael Gibson
3004.11 In reply to 3004.10 
Hi Eric, I think you figured out earlier that you can use File/Import in Rhino to bring your MoI-edited file back and not lose your linetypes? (if you import it into a file where you have all those layers set up).

But I will try to get this handled earlier in the v3 beta period rather than later.

> I am getting a feeling for 'styles' and the very easy
> manipulation of elements they allow. 'Fast and fluid'.

Great! Yeah one of the nice things about having a streamlined UI is that there is just not as much stuff to sort through when you're trying to find the right thing to click on.

There is quite a bit of subtle functionality included for styles in MoI though too.

So I'm sure you've seen that you can click on an eye to hide things.

A couple of other useful things that are not as immediately obvious:

If you right-click on an eye, it will do an "isolate" where everything else _except_ that thing is hidden. So for example here I am using that right-click:

If there are several styles in a row that you want to change, you can do that by a "swipe" where you hold the mouse button down and drag across several lines. So here for instance I'm only pressing the mouse button down once and swiping to set these:

Then also there are other clickable areas on a line than just the eye part, if you move your mouse over the swatch or the name label you will see those are actually button like areas as well:

If you click on the swatch, it will assign the current selection to that style.

If you click on the name area, that is used for selection - left click on it to add all things of that style to the current selection, or right-click on it to do an "isolated selection" where only those things become selected and other things become deselected.

Those are some of the most useful things, there is some other stuff in there as well though with holding down Ctrl and such, like Ctrl+click on an eye will work for lock/unlock.

- Michael