Rhino line types

 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
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Hi Michael and all ...

Now that I have put aside my hangup saying that 'I can't use MoI much if I can't preserve Rhino linetypes' I am having a lot of fun simply using only the layers (styles) that apply to the model when working in MoI and inserting that into my Rhino working drawing when needed for reference there and for rendering with Flamingo. Don't lose the linetypes in the other layers that way.

I am getting a feeling for 'styles' and the very easy manipulation of elements they allow. 'Fast and fluid'.

I'm sure I am just touching the surface of MoI but I am really enjoying working with it.

It combines the best features of its modeling competitors and exceeds them all (IMO) at very, very fair price.

thanks again, Michael