Rhino line types

 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
Hi Michael ...

I had hoped to see line types (like dashes and dots and such)set up in Rhino preserved when switching back and forth between Rhino and MoI. I thought it might make it in to this latest beta.

Everything goes back to continuous lines when saved in MoI.

Is this likely to happen before ver 2 is released?

Id not, I can work around it, I think, but I'll have to change my work flow pattern to separate my 2d files from my 3d images ... now I keep everything in one large drawing so I can refer to 2d stuff while developing the 3d models. I don't need to see linetypes in MoI but I hate it when I switch back to Rhino and all my dashed lines in the 2d drawing have reverted to solids. Lineweight characteristics seem to be preserved, though.

Otherwise, I am always awed a little with each new iteration of MoI. Keep up the great work.