New Zooming Script

 From:  BurrMan
3001.4 In reply to 3001.2 
Hi Michael,
Yes I didnt know that the ctrl key incremented the steps like that. It's nice. But, I am more refering to the "View Button Sensitivity" setting in the options and the way it works. Like the way the zoom widget in the viewport "Is" much smoother than the wheel, I am looking for the ability to jump in and out of the View button sensitivity setting at say ".1"

I use Moi to examine geometry and having that setting be set to .1 is something I use (Or even a few variations of this number).

So the ability to set this on the fly without going to options dialogue.

This would "Kindof" work with the wheel zooming "steps" (Kindof like I have Nudge-Nudge Large, I also setup Nudge .01..... ) but as you point out, the Zooming widget is much nicer with its "Gorgeous Zooms" (Borrowed from your website) so the request has turned from the zoom step, to a shortcut for setting the sensitivity of the Viewport Zoom widget.