From:  Michael Gibson
Hi Hatak, thank you for these bug reports.

#1 is a bug in meshing of the surface, I have several examples of this and I'll be working to fix it later on, maybe in about a month or so when I make a pass through to tune up meshing. You'll see it pretty frequently on the types of fillets that you're showing here.

#2 is a limitation of the current sweeper, where a path curve with sharp corners in it just gets separate sweeps along each segment, it does not attempt to automatically trim the sections with each other. This is probably not going to be improved for V1.

But you should be able to use the Trim command to clean this up pretty quickly - select all the surfaces, do Trim, then when the prompt says to "Select cutting objects", just push Done there - this tells MoI that those objects are going to be cutting each other. Then for this case it might be easier to switch the mode to "Keep" and select the 4 pieces you want to keep and then they will be all trimmed to each other.

Eventually I want to have this trimming done for you automatically inside of sweep, but that won't happen for a while yet, most likely sometime after the V1 release.

#3 is another meshing bug, the meshing sometimes gets confused on certain "S" type shapes. I'll also be doing some work to fix this along with the other mesh bug. When you run into this, you can usually fix it by going to Options (button is on the bottom toolbar on the right side), and checking "Add detail to inflections".

- Michael