Next V2 beta (or the real deal)?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2995.5 In reply to 2995.3 
Well, it looks like I got one piece of sweep tuneups done, which is a fix for 2-rail sweep so that it is not so sensitive to the spacing of control points on the rails.

Previously the profiles would slide along each rail possibly at different "speeds" depending on how that curve's control points happened to be spaced out, which tends to cause a kind of twisting effect on the profiles.

With the next beta that should be all fixed up, it will travel at a more even speed along each rail regardless of how the control points of the rail happened to be spaced out from one another.

So that should help make 2rail sweep a lot more predictable and fixes several bugs that were reported with twisted results in 2-rail sweep.

There are still some other things I want to do for sweep, like mitered corners for 1-rail sweep but those will go in another beta after this one. I should be able to put out this new beta tomorrow.

- Michael