Bug? :: assign style vs. object visibility

 From:  Michael Gibson
2994.8 In reply to 2994.6 
Hi Will, I've now updated that shortcuts info page (http://moi3d.com/wiki/Shortcut_Keys) with the new stuff.

The new info added:


Shortcuts related to Styles for v2:

On a scene browser color swatch, Ctrl+Left click will pop up the color picker as a quick way to edit a style's color.

On a scene browser color swatch, Ctrl+Shift+Left click will assign the selection to that style without altering the visibility or locked state of the objects to match the current style.

On a style color swatch (either in the scene browser or in the dropdown from the properties panel), holding down Shift while clicking on the swatch will assign the style to the parent object without modifying any sub-objects. The parent style is used when brand new faces are created in a solid for things like the Fillet command, when the new fillet surface is bordered by multiple different styles.

In the Edit styles dialog, right-clicking on a style works as a shortcut for selecting it and pushing the "Edit" button.

On the properties panel, right-clicking on the style line will pop up the Edit style dialog and let you edit the name and/or color of that style.

Other scene browser shortcuts:

Ctrl+click on a browser item's status icon (where the eye icon is normally displayed) will toggle Lock on or off.

Clicking on the name part of a scene browser item is used for selection, if you hold down Ctrl while clicking on it it will work for deselection instead of selection, and if you hold down Shift while clicking on it it will only select currently visible objects instead of selecting and showing all objects that belong to that slot.