Bug? :: assign style vs. object visibility

 From:  Michael Gibson
2994.4 In reply to 2994.3 
Hi Will, yup it's one of those difficult areas to choose between.

In the first beta release with styles it did not change the visibility, but in a discussion here on the forum someone complained about that behavior, because if you are using the scene browser and the style you are clicking on is currently all hidden (no eye), when you assign the selection to it, it feels like the style is somehow changing since it then changes from no eye to half eye.

That's kind of surprising if you are used to a layer system where the layers themselves have an on/off state instead of it being an individual object property.

Styles in MoI are kind of a blend between a materials list and a layers mechanism in other programs.

But when you are using the Styles section of the scene browser as a way to manage hiding/showing objects, that kind of use sort of aligns more with the "layer"-ish type aspect. So that's why it seems to make sense to make it behave more like layers when using the scene browser swatch for style assignment, but more like materials when using the properties panel.

This is just one of the many examples where I've tried to make some small adjustments in MoI to make it more comfortable for people who are used to a different system.

- Michael