Bug? :: assign style vs. object visibility

 From:  Michael Gibson
2994.10 In reply to 2994.9 
Hi Petr,

> ok. I must have missed that message.

It was back in this discussion thread:

That feedback from Pitrak made me aware that someone who was really used to layers would expect to have the visibility of the object altered when it got assigned to a "hidden layer".

It has been a goal to try and make the Styles section of the browser feel at least somewhat familiar to people who are used to traditional AutoCAD-ish layers.

It's kind of a balance though - by not just doing an exact clone of layers it lets things have a lot more flexibility since there can multiple sections of organization methods used in the scene browser. With traditional layers it is not very easy to have things like a named object list with independent visibility control from the layers, because with traditional layers you can't just turn on one object all by itself without also turning on its whole layer.

- Michael