Offset sweep

 From:  Michael Gibson
2993.2 In reply to 2993.1 
Hi apophis,

> is it possible to set an offset value for rail or profile in sweep?

Yes, but not directly inside of the sweep function itself - just use the Construct / Offset command on the profile or rail before you do the sweep, and then use that offset curve to do the sweep with instead of your original curve.

Similarly if you want to rotate a shape, or move it, scale it, etc..., you do all those kinds of operations to the profiles before doing the sweep, not inside the sweep command itself.

But it is kind of hard to see exactly what you want to do from your screenshot, if you are having difficulty with something could you please post the 3DM model file that you are currently working with so I could take a look at your model more directly? That may help me to understand what you are trying to do better.

- Michael