Is Moi geometry better than Rhino?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Keris, yup what you are talking about there definitely make a lot of sense!

The only thing this is this part:

> Well, you could just make it more generalized then.

does not necessarily make things "less work" or less time to develop, it actually tends to take more design time work to try and make existing commands that work on NURBS to also be multi-targeted and apply to a polygon cage as well.

And I also worry about it possibly being an unpredictable mixture, like if Chamfer worked on a polygon cage but Booleans did not that tends to make for a rather inconsistent overall flow to things, I'm not really sure if that would be the best way to handle things.

Typically existing functions in MoI are very oriented towards precision and using the mouse to be able to do object snaps and stuff like that, but usually a sub-d modeling tool's functions like extrude are wired up to be less precise and more just give you some quick sculpting like feedback as you wave the mouse up or down instead of being a "snap to objects" kind of thing. So to make the same kind of sub-d modeling feel I'm not sure that you would get that by using the same existing extrude command.

Anyway what you are talking about there are definitely some great ideas, but still are very much in the realm of requiring quite a lot of work, so that part that I mentioned about it taking a lot of effort and not knowing when it will be possible to happen still applies.

- Michael