Expanding viewport

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny, I'm not completely sure if I follow what you mean by "within the view", could you maybe describe it in a bit more detail?

But one thing that I wanted to avoid was requiring to travel to the upper corner of a viewport in order to expand or restore it.

Otherwise switching between 2 maximized views is kind of awkward because you have to go to the corner, restore back to split view, then go to the other viewport and expand it.

That's a much worse workflow than the current method where you can switch to any view with one single click on a view tab in the bottom toolbar. So for example with the current system if you are in the maximized Front view and you want to switch to a maximized Top view, you just go and click on the Top tab and you are done.

But maybe you're talking about something different?

Also you may be interested in setting up the viewport toggle script on the space bar:
That allows you to push space to maximize the view that your mouse is currently inside of, or switch back to split view if you are already in a maximized view.

- Michael