Expanding viewport

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny,

> Ah yes, that's the difference, NX6 always uses the MMB for rotation.

What is used for panning and zooming then in NX6?

One priority I had for MoI was to try and make rotate, pan and zoom with the mouse be all immediately available and not require modifier keys, although there are several modifier keys that do work for people who are used to using them in other software.

So in MoI:

Right drag = Rotate 3D viewport or Pan in a 2D view.
Middle drag = Pan in either kind of viewport.
Scroll wheel = zoom

These view manipulations are actions that you may want to do at a very frequent rate, so they basically got the highest priority.

Other things that you may not need to do at such a high frequency can actually be good to not try to super optimize to be as fast as possible because if you don't do them too often it does not really gain you much in the big picture to have them super optimized (By super optimized I mean something like trying to make them happen in 1 second instead of 2 seconds or something like that).

- Michael