Expanding viewport

 From:  Michael Gibson
2989.17 In reply to 2989.16 
Hi Danny,

> I'm just going by what other vendors are adding
> to they're software

Is that something new in NX6?

Did they previously have any control available at the top level UI for switching views like MoI's view tab control?

It seems like something like you are describing might get added into a system that did not already have an easy way to switch views...

> The action I'm familiar with is actually using the RMB and
> not actually clicking the button but to hold it down for a
> second then the popup will appear then you mouse over
> the icon you want and upon release you call that command.

Yeah, that could be a possible triggering action.

I've been a little hesitant to rely on that action too much since it can be slightly odd to "hold still" when you are actually trying to do things quickly.

I also worry a bit about it possibly getting triggered accidentally when the actual intent was to right drag to pan or rotate a view.

- Michael