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 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Hi Michael,

Ok, you have some valid points there, I'm just going by what other vendors are adding to they're software and the fact that I'm using a tablet PC more often and noticed this.

> I'm also not sure how it would help you
> in the pen stylus case - currently left
> click and right click are already taken
> with different actions. Something like
> this would probably go on a middle click,
> but you probably don't have a middle
> click available on your stylus?

The action I'm familiar with is actually using the RMB and not actually clicking the button but to hold it down for a second then the popup will appear then you mouse over the icon you want and upon release you call that command.

Thanks for looking at this anyway, meanwhile I've hooked up my spacenavigator which has a couple of programmable buttons :)