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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny,

> I agree, you could also have both options.

Yes, that's possible. But with a complex option like a pop-up UI it sort of needs to give a pretty big benefit to justify the redundancy.

The current method just does not seem to be an impediment - there are some qualities about it that make it work smoothly, like it is always in the same area of the screen and the buttons are quite large which makes them easier to acquire with the mouse.

Do you possibly have your UI shrunken down to a small size? If so you may want to go to Options / General / UI size and increase it a bit to make the buttons easier to hit.

Also it is just not that common to actually switch the view at a really rapid pace, like it is not common that you need to switch it once every few seconds. You may need to do it rapidly in some special circumstances but generally not at a continued pace. It's more common to stick in one view for a little while as you draw things there, etc...

> It's not original but it's quite handy, I was thinking
> something along these lines.

I don't know - that's quite a lot of "UI cost" - it would take up a special action slot that could then not be used for anything else. I try to be conservative about using those things up, this case just does not seem to provide enough payback.

I'm also not sure how it would help you in the pen stylus case - currently left click and right click are already taken with different actions. Something like this would probably go on a middle click, but you probably don't have a middle click available on your stylus?

- Michael