Expanding viewport

 From:  Michael Gibson
2989.13 In reply to 2989.12 
Hi Danny,

> I was picturing maybe something I've seen where
> you hold down one of the mouse buttons to pop up
> a set of faded icons

That's one of those things that could be good for expert users but is kind of too hidden or subtle for people who are just starting with the software.

The current one lets someone have a good chance at figuring out how to switch between different views just by looking at the screen for the first time - that's pretty huge.

Switching between views is a pretty basic function... it's one of the things that I wanted to make highly visible and not really hidden away or too cryptic.

In the future at some point I'd like to experiment with some kind of pop-up toolbar, but I'm not so sure it would be practical to put the whole view tabs in there, they kind of take up a lot of space. There could be a single button that would toggle between split and max views, but that still seems like it would be an awkward "summon the pop-up 2 times" to switch between maximized views.

- Michael