Case Study

 From:  JPBWEB
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Thanks Michael. I must confess that I do not have a great imagination for these things and I am normally obsessive about accuracy and stickiness to blueprints.

I wanted to explore various things irrespective of any real reference so that I could test out all sorts of tools and techniques. I started with the sphere and tried to see what it would give with two “arms” etc., extruding, blending and filleting at will. The export to Modo was a new things to me too, and especially playing with lighting and clay rendering.

I did not have anything specific in mind but it turned out spectacularly well, I think. It would nearly look like a model of a real prototype, the sort of rangefinder that the Soviet navy might have developed out of the equipment they purchased from Nazi Germany before Barbarossa.

There were a few limitations to what MoI could do in this mini-fun-project, the most troublesome for me being that one cannot blend multi-edges, but overall I am very pleased with how easy it is to model a complex component for a warship. Next time, I might go for a gun, and a real one for a change so that the model can be put to good use eventually.