WIP - Short Stirling

 From:  JPBWEB

I just thought of sharing my current WIP, a model of the first (and largest) 4-engined RAF heavy bomber, the Short Stirling. This underrated aircraft was admittedly rather ugly, far less handsome anyway that everybody’s favourite, the superstar Avro Lancaster, or even the supporting actor Handley Page Halifax, but the Stirling was simply massive. See the human character in comparison of the wheel. This flying behemoth is very attractive in a weird sort of way.

The model is a first draft only, to get a “feel” of the subject. I am starting from scratch again now that I have a better grasp of the particular issues of this deceptively easy looking subject. For the first time to build a fuselage, I am making extensive use of MoI’s superior “Blend” function, which allows me to avoid unsightly seams and to generate large simple surfaces and solids, always a good thing for post-production (3d-printing in this case).

The “Shell” function is superb to detail flaps and other moving parts.

All in all, a nice weekend project.